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We are a small business local to Corpus Christi. We sell imported Mexican pottery, hand made floral arrangements including custom wreaths and sympathy arrangements, as well as holiday items and scented candles. We bring artistic items to assist you in creating aesthetic and heartwarming spaces in your everyday places. We are not a big box retailer. We pride ourselves on doing custom work for hand made floral items, and when it comes to items we resell like pottery we hand pick items that are artistic and have personality. If you see something you like... buy it, because we may not make the exact same thing twice. Of course if something is popular we don't mind making something of the same type or style but the items may not be exactly alike. We want you to get something unique because you are unique. If you don't see something you like we are open to feedback. Tell us about what you want. Whether it is a custom wreath or center piece and we will do our best to work with what is available on the market to make something you like.

Our Story

We started our business to share our creativity we like decorating our own home with unique items, and we realize we aren't the only ones who like to put our signature on home decorating. Something that started as a passion for ourselves developed to creating items for family, and then we just gained momentum from there. We love what we're doing and we hope you do as well. We think we can bring a unique brand of floral and decor to our hometown. Thanks for shopping with us!

Delivery & Returns

We can deliver local to Corpus Christi and the surrounding area for a fee of $7.00 per order. If you are more than 20 minutes away from Corpus Christi then we can ship to you. Shipping cost will be billed to you. We will ship non-perishable inventory anywhere in Texas and we are limiting our business to Texas only for now. We are a small business as we grow we will expand our reach. Customer experience is important to us, so we will accept returns on new unused items. If your receive a product and aren't happy with it please notify us within 7 days of purchase and we will work with you to process a return. Please initiate the return process by sending an email with your contact information, date of purchase, an image of the product you wish to return, and a brief explanation for the reason you wish to return the item. We reserve the right to issue store credit, an exchange, or a refund. Any refund issued will be for the value of the item and any applicable taxes. Refunds may not include delivery or shipping fees incurred.

Payment Info

We accept all major credit cards and credit card transactions are processed with Square. We use a well recognized and reputable payment processor so you can feel confident that your payment is secure. We will accept cash payments when selling at in person venues like Market Days and Trade Shows, but we do not make deliveries COD because the delivery driver carries no cash. Please contact us if there is some other payment method you wish to use.

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Take a peek and you may discover what you've been looking for. If you don't find what you are seeking you can always reach out to us.

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Order online and we can deliver locally. If you are in Texas but more than 20 minutes away from Corpus Christi we can ship items to you.
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